A Conversation with Photographer Kayla Rocca


There are so many incredible women making waves in their industries, and our friend Kayla Rocca is no exception. I first met Kayla back in university and was instantly moved and inspired by her warmth and creativity and have been an admirer of the Toronto based photographer ever since. The connection Kayla forges with her subjects is unmatched and captures an authenticity that we so desperately need in today’s overly filtered and edited world. We sat down with Kayla to talk about all things style, creative expression and how to find inspiration in our work and everyday lives. 

Hey Kayla, it is so nice to chat with you today! Can you start by telling our readers a little bit about yourself?  

Hi! I'm Kayla Rocca, a photographer specializing in lifestyle, portrait, and beauty photography. I split my time between Toronto and Los Angeles, but Toronto is home to me.

We love to hear about people’s routines and rituals. Can you paint us a little picture of a day in the life of Kayla Rocca?

My job keeps things interesting because no two days are alike. However, there's one constant: I always go to bed early. Getting plenty of rest is crucial for me to stay energized and perform at my best.

I start each day with an oat milk latte and a walk with my high-energy dog, which usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the day, get some fresh air, and set a positive tone, rain or shine.

After the walk, I hydrate with lemon water and begin my morning routine. I keep my makeup simple—just a bit of Honest Beauty face wash, light moisturizer, and vitamin C serum. I finish off with some HB FACE eyebrow glaze, a touch of Merit bronzer, and a hint of blush.

I love that and think it is so important to find those little rituals you can do anywhere you go. By the way, your dog is the cutest!
We have been following along on your photography journey for a long time now and you are doing such amazing things these days! How did you first get into photography? 

I've been a photographer for over 15 years, and it all started in 2006 as a hobby and a form of therapy. Photography became a way for me to express myself creatively, and soon my camera was my constant companion. After a few years, I landed an internship as a staff photographer and photo producer at a Toronto publication called The Grid. This opened doors, and I began getting hired for various photography gigs. It was an incredible journey that turned my passion into a full-time career.


Wow, that is so inspiring Kayla! I am sure this is an impossibly tricky question because you have worked on some truly special projects but if you had to choose what has been your favorite photography project to date? 

It's hard to pick just one, but working on the Knix Swim campaigns over the past three years has been incredibly fulfilling. I've had the honor of photographing amazing women, including supermodel Ashley Graham, Sarah Landry (The Birds Papaya), and many more. Collaborating with creative director Rebecca Watson and the rest of the Knix team has been a truly rewarding experience. Knix's revolutionary approach celebrates the diversity of all women, making significant strides in changing societal norms and positively impacting the world


Yes, I have seen the work you do with Knix and it is so beautiful and refreshing to see the diversity in bodies Knix uses in their campaigns. I am sure it must be so inspiring to work alongside people who are making these impacts. Where do you find most of your inspiration in work and in life? 

I find inspiration everywhere—family, friends, nature, music, design, fashion, and the stories of the people I meet. I'm constantly inspired by the creativity and passion that surround me.

How would you describe your personal style and how do you think it has evolved over time?

My style is all about comfort and casual elegance. I love a well-fitted dress shirt, and in warmer climates, I prefer light dresses. My style is definitely evolving as I explore new trends and discover what makes me feel most confident.

Yes, to the comfort and casual elegance. I think it is so important to find those elements that bring you closer to yourself, that is what true style is all about. When do you feel most like yourself? 

I feel most like myself in warm climates, especially when the sun is shining. There's something about wearing a lightweight slip dress that makes me feel free and truly myself

Kayla, it has been so incredible to talk with you today. I really appreciate you taking the time and it has been so nice to catch up. Before we sign off I am wondering if there is any advice you could give to the people in our community who are maybe thinking about  starting a creative career, whether in photography or another field? 

My best advice is to keep working on your craft every day and never stop learning. Put your work out there, even if you're nervous about how it will be received. Instead of just talking about your ideas, take action and make them happen. Don't worry too much about what others think; the key is to keep trying, stay curious, and put yourself out there.


Kayla wears the Pama Long Sleeve Tee in off white and the Domond Shorts in wild silk jersey from Base Range

Photography credit : Kayla Rocca
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