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Mira was born and raised in Northern California, she's a traveler, a dancer, a picnic-er, and a mother of two. She's been making clothing since she was a child and began hand-dyeing  as a way to personalize clothing for her babies. At Mira Blackman they want getting dressed to be as effortless and joyful as possible. They believe in buying fewer items that meet more needs.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of what they do. They use organic and all natural fabrics, low impact dyes, and make their clothing locally in small batches. All Mira Blackman pieces are hand dyed in their backyard studio. Every element from the temperature that day, to the direction the wind is blowing, contributes to the uniqueness of each piece. It's a truly magical and collaborative process. These are clothes to live in, to travel with, to dance in, and to cuddle in. We hope you can feel a little California breeze when you put yours on!

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