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Sammi Smith is the founder, designer + chief do-er of all things at Soft Focus. She's one of those kids who dreamed of working in fashion + actually did it – which is kind of crazy. In 2014, after working at some of Canada's top fashion brands, she decided to leave her 9 to 5 life behind and branch out on her own. Freelancing + working from home for the first time, Sammi found herself contemplating how to get dressed for work when her "office was the couch + a lap top". While the easy go-to of PJs all day + old sweats was fun for a bit, eventually she actually wanted to get dressed. Sort of. The style goal: easy, casual clothing that didn't sacrifice personal style for comfort. And so, in 2017, she took the leap + Soft Focus was born! 


Soft Focus works exclusively with eco + natural fabrics, sourced from fibres like Tencel, cupro, cotton + linen. Plastic + petroleum derived materials just aren't their thing. They make their collections in limited runs with a small factory in China, based near Shanghai. They're an amazing partner that has taken them on as a small brand, helping them to grow slowly + never making us produce more than we need.

After production all excess material is up-cycled into small accessories (like scrunchies + scarves) or brought to a local recycling facility.

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